Artist Jerrie Yehling

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Monee, 1956
Self Portrait

Buy Original and Commissioned Art

Many of the pieces on this site are available for sale. I also create commissioned art projects including trophy fish art, custom greeting card designs and larger pieces.

The material costs and labor involved in creating original artwork can vary widely depending on the size and other factors such as the intricacy of the background. Please contact me at to discuss your project.

Rainbow Trout
Watercolor Pencil

Materials and Why They Matter

Some of the differences between high-quality and lower-quality art materials may be immediately evident; others differences appear over time. In order to minimize the risk of fading, warping or other degradation of your original artwork, it’s critical that only the best materials be used.

Pencil and Watercolor Pencil Drawings

For drawings, I use Derwent Coloursoft pencils with the highest ratings on the Blue Wool Scale for lightfastness. Only pencils which are considered permanently lightfast are used. This is an important consideration when purchasing art, as many colored pencils and watercolors are rated poorly for lightfastness, and will fade noticeably with the passage of time.

Ordinary precautions, such as hanging away from natural light, should be followed with any original artwork, but drawings made with the most lightfast materials will remain vivid and true.

I choose high quality paper such as Strathmore 500 series 4-ply Bristol Board, which is a heavy, stiff paper that does not ripple or warp. Unlike many papers and boards, Strathmore 500 series Bristol Board is made of 100% cotton fibers and is acid-free. Its rigidity makes it ideal for framing.

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are created with top-quality paint (Blockx, made in Belgium and Art Spectrum, made in Australia) and Blockx amber medium which adds brilliance, strength without brittleness, and permanence to the paint.

I prefer stretched linen canvas, which performs significantly better over time than the cheaper stretched cotton canvases often used for paintings.

Cecropia Moth
8" x 10"
Watercolor pencil

Chimney Swifts
18" x 24"
Oil on linen